Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm back and feeling good!! :-)

Hello fellow fans!

Where has the time gone!! A little update on this ladies life, in which is as changed as it could possibly be. Our Son, Tyler Michael, was born on July 12. 6 lbs 4.8 oz. and 18.5 inches. That time already seems like an eternity ago..he is now nearing 4 months, hard to believe! Tyler is the absolute biggest blessing ever and we are in awe every single day at the blessing he is! Once upon a time, I was not so sure this time would come, after two miscarriages. But, with lots of prayer and trust in the lord, we are living the dream! My sister, Angelas son, Logan was born a mere 3 days after Tyler, as if it couldn't get any better! We are having the time of our lives getting to know these little boys. It seems they are growing and learning something new every day. I could sit and listen to Tylers coos and babbles all day! THIS is were my "work at home" job is becoming a challenge! lol 

Now Christmas is upon us, Yes..I said it. It seems people are starting their Christmas shopping earlier and earlier, with no complaint from me! So, I must buckle down and accept the help that my mom and mother in law are so eager to give. They love their little grandson, who could blame them, he's perfect! :-) I will be spending many more hours in the studio working away on everyone's lovely Jewelry and I am so excited about it. To add to the excitement, I have several new designs I will be adding to the mix. Among them, tie clips, cuff links, riveted jewelry and soldered jewelry. My husband is especially excited about the torch I just received in the mail to solder the metal. lol. Even daddies like their toys! :-D 
   Tyler was Elmo and Logan was Cookie Monster, their first Halloween was very exhausting!

               Stay tuned, I will be adding pics of my new creations as they unfold!! 
                                                I wish everyone many many blessings.<3